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Next parody?

Posted by JCaluger - May 11th, 2021

I am quite torn as to what my next parody should be. Any suggestions?


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Jcaluger: the parody

how's that sound

Hmmmm It seems somewhat philosophical due to its self referencing title. I do consider myself a joke at points.....noted.

Lmao ur not a joke though. i just think making a selkf aware toon would be a hoot

Lol, i knew what you meant. I have thought of that.

A batman parody, a home alone parody, a call of duty parody, a over done and boring with the same jokes as every other the office parody.

I did an Office parody actually.

what if you just parody a parody


@shintsukimi205 @JCaluger hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

You should do other Earthworm Jim or Fearless Fosdick, you most likely don’t know who I’m talking about but Fearless Fosdick is a hugely influential comic character who was/ is a parody of Dick Tracy within the comic strip lil Abner. (Sadie Hawkins day originated from that strip) it was way ahead of its time, So & So that is was the main inspiration for MAD Magazine, which the character had been made 10 years prior. Making a parody of Fearless Fosdick would be a big tribute to the parody genre. You should read it, it’s ridiculous as shit. I’m good at making stupid shit similar to Fosdick. If you ever did it & wanted me to help I’d be happy to. I’m probably the only person of the modern generation who understands Fearless Fosdick & what made him & his comic so successful & influential. It’d be awesome to do Earthworm Jim as well he’s also brutally underrated. I think bringing public consciousness back to influential obscure characters like Jim & Fosdick would definitely be a very neat thing.
Sorry for this being so long.

Oh wow, I looked it up and Fosdick is super old. I have always been a big fan of Doug Tennapple's style I love Jim. Both have been noted.

@Madclap25 @JCaluger :)

@Madclap25 @JCaluger I definitely would love to work with you if you ever wanted to collaborate with me.

@Madclap25 @JCaluger Also fun fact: Legendary comedian & voice actor Chuck McCann (voice of the Beagle boys from the original duck tales series) made a parody of Dick Tracy inspired by Fearless Fosdick back in the 1960’s called Dick H. dump of the bunko squad. I have the skit on my YouTube channel along with two extremely rare episodes of Fosdick’s revolutionary marionette puppet series, which I have the backstory of in my playlist for the series. Sorry if it’s feels like I’m smart assing, I’m kinda geeking out.

@Madclap25 @JCaluger Fosdick’s tv show is surprisingly really good actually, especially for a marionette puppet series.